Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Cats Meow Challenge

You will probably be able to guess who this is. This character is one of my very favorites and I loved this outfit!  This is another outfit that I modified for January weather.

Any ideas?
Drum roll please. bdddddddddddd!

He is my favorite cat who lives in a swanky mansion in Paris and paints for his owner's delight. He is little Monsieur Toulouse from the Aristocats.

The Character: Toulouse
The Outfit: Orange/Mustard colored sweater from Kohl's 2010
                 Brown shirt (layered under the orange sweater)
                 from Kohl's 2010
                 Jeans from Ann Taylor 2011
                 Oxfords from DSW 2011
                 Turquoise coat from Fant's 2009
                 Turquoise headband from Christmas 2011
                 Gold and Turquoise earrings from Christmas 2011
Disneybound Inspiration:

I just love him! Click here to see Eo's week 4 outfit. It might mess with your mind! :)

The time I had to stay an extra day in Italy... Part 1

There wouldn't have been a Brassart on this international trip without a crazy adventure. Remember this?
We made it across the pond and to 5 different cities without any major catastrophes. It was all too good to be true.
Side note: Every time we've traveled internationally and gathered our baggage, I have seen the carousel that is bringing around the baggage from Milan and I've always wanted to visit the city. I was finally in Milan! My luggage was going to come out from the carousel entitled Milan! Score!

We arrived in Milan on Friday before leaving the upcoming Monday. Our touring plans had to change suddenly due to a state funeral taking place in the famous Duomo (Cathedral) of Milan on Saturday morning which was our scheduled tour time. After visiting the Castle of Milan and seeing one of Michaelangelo's three Pietas, taking a quick photo in front of the Opera House of Milan
seeing where St. Augustine was baptized, and watching the sunset from the roof of the Duomo, we headed back to our hotel.

The Castle of Milan

Michaelangelo's unfinished Pieta

The Opera House of Milan

The Duomo

The baptistery where St. Augustine was baptized

Flying buttresses...So Gothic!
Britney and Me

More Sunset
I just loved it!

Friends! We took on Milan together!

We had a lovely afternoon. On our way back to the hotel, I pulled my phone out of my purse to text my wonderful mom. We were having a lovely chat when the bus pulled up to the hotel. I slipped my purse over my shoulder into its proper cross-body position. As we all headed towards the doors, I saw two suspicious looking characters trying to maneuver through our crowd of people. I instinctively grabbed my purse and attempted to pull it to the front on my body. The next time I looked down at my purse, I found that the zipper was open and my travel wallet was gone. It was my wallet that held my passport. I ran back out to the bus to see if it had fallen out in my seat. No luck! Then it hit me that the two squirrly individuals that were crossing through our group grabbed my wallet because my purse had unfortunately been unzipped.

No, I didn't cry at first. I told my professors and Dr. Huelin took off down the street to see if they had grabbed what they wanted and dumped the wallet. No luck there either! Inside the lobby, I processed what had happened and the tears came. Everyone was so great and encouraged me. I gained my composure. I went back to my room to double check that I hadn't left it there before we began our tour. No luck! I went back downstairs and called my mom. The tears came again. My wonderful mother also encouraged me and assured me that it was okay!

The hotel managers encouraged us to file a police report in case my passport was found. Our tour guide from the afternoon was so kind and postponed her evening plans to head down to the station with us. It was Dr. Huelin and 5 girls. We got to the station and I filed the report. I had to sign four copies of the report for their records. That is when it really hit me. I HAVE BEEN PICKPOCKET/VIOLATED! I WANT MY PASSPORT BACK! I WANT MY MAMA! ALL OF MY COOL STAMPS ARE GONE! That all ran through my mind. I didn't actually verbalize it and scare the police officer half to death.  Here is a snapshot of us in the police station. I'm the one sporting the police report.

Rachel, Britney, Rebecca, and Me They were the best!
Our next move took us to a photo booth in the metro to take my emergency passport the Consulate would issue me. Here is the result of that exciting side adventure.
Illena our wonderful tour guide

After taking the photos, saying goodbye to our tour guide, and eating a really good dinner I began to mentally gear up for visiting the American Consulate on Monday morning. Stay tuned for Part 2.

The "Bless 'em" Challenge

Well, I'm back! Before I start posting about my awesome trip, I am going to reveal some Disneybound outfits that I have worn since the Hairy Challenge. If you are just joining the blog and are very confused as to what "Disneybound outfits" means, click here.

Let's begin with the picture. The beautiful scenery behind me is the beautiful city of ruins known as Pompeii. Please excuse the roughness. Our bus ride from Rome took 3hrs and just about eeeeeverybody fell asleep for extended periods of time. Jet-lag plus SO. MUCH. WALKING. mixed with late nights because of the the city's awesomeness made us tired. Please know that I loved the walking, but there was just A LOT of it.

Back to the picture.

I had to modify this outfit for winter-ish weather purposes. 

Look in the background. That is the real life Mt. Vesuvius.

Drum roll please...bddddddddddddddddd

I was a modified version of the one and only "bless his heart" Mr. Smee. 
The Character: Mr. Smee
The Outfit: Blue and gray stripped sweater from Tommy Hilfigger 2008
                 Burgundy vneck from Target 2011
                 Jeans from Ann Taylor 2011
                 Boots from Clarks 2008
                 Gold belt from New York & Company 2011
                 Yellow scarf from a vendor in Times square 2009
                 Earrings from Eo 2011
Disneybound Inspiration:

Like I said, I had to modify the outfit for winter. The yellow scarf was supposed to go along with the gold accents. I had a great time wearing it and a great time in Pompeii. I will post more about our excursion soon.
January Week 2? Challenge Completed!

Click here to see Eo's week 2 creation. It is super cute!

Sadly, I do not have a picture of week 3's outfit yet. I wore it the day after life in Italy got a little crazy. Stay tuned for that blog post. It is coming next.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Hairy Challenge

Well, you are reading the first post of "No Buy 2012" and I am SOOOOO excited! If you missed what "No Buy 2012" is, click here. I wanted to start the year off with one of my favorite winter-y outfits I have created. I know you are just dying to know who I am wearing!
Factoid: It was the first outfit I put together. 

Any guesses? 

Drum roll please...bddddddddddd

If you guessed the Beast from Beauty and the Beast, you were right! 

The character: The Beast
The outfit: Navy blue dress from H&M 2009
               Yellow sweater from New York & Company 2009
               Black tights from Target 2011
               Brown boots from Clark's 2008
               Gold belt from New York & Company 2011
               Pearls from my Great Grammy circa 1960
               Gold button earring from the pottery sale at Union 2011
The Disneybound example: 
Pinned Image

January Week 1? Challenge Completed!

Click here TOMORROW to see Erin's creation

*I will not be posting my outfits next week or  the next because I will be in Italy. I do have my two Disneybound creations all ready to go, and I will post them with the rest of my adventure when I return. 

Until then,