Tuesday, July 10, 2012


In terms of pennies, 10,000 of them take up a lot of space. 10,000 children running around would be overwhelming, but you know I would love it! If we were talking about 10,000 breaths, we would be thankful for those releases of carbon dioxide. What about 10,000 reasons to praise Jesus? Do we live everyday with those reasons in the forefront of our minds?

Matt Redman wrote a beautiful song he entitled 10,000 Reasons (Bless the Lord). We sang it this past Sunday in church. Sunday was bittersweet because it was Brad and Erin's last Sunday to fellowship with our family at Christ Community. It was a great day of worship. We sang two songs I sang in their wedding, Holy God and Be Unto Your Name, and the benediction Dr. Padelford gave was the benediction he gave the first Sunday Erin visited CCC. (And it's one of our favorites--Jude 24-25) As we sang 10,000 Reasons, I wanted to cry because of God's goodness for allowing me to share the past two years with Brad and Erin at church. I was also overwhelmed by God's grace throughout the previous week. I didn't blubber during church, but my car shared that experience with me as I drove back to campus. :)

Earlier this month, my mom challenged me to make a list of what I know about God himself. I had yet to do it, but this morning was the morning. I was talking with my mom and we just started making it. I came up with a list of 21 reasons and I could've kept going. That's when 10,000 Reasons popped into my head. What if I made a list of those 10,000 reasons?

1 a day = 27.4 years
5 a day = 5.5 years
10 a day = 2.7 years

In Scripture, God tells us over and over how he loves us and why he loves us. How often I forget how I love HIM and why. Am I going to embark on writing 10,000 reasons of why my God is great? I think so. He writes how he loves me, why shouldn't I do it for him? I am 21 down with 9,979 to go. Challenge is officially accepted. This might be crazier than not buying clothes for a year, but who said anything I do is not a little crazy?

Click here to listen to 10,000 Reason (Bless the Lord).

Bless the Lord, O my soul, O my soul
Worship His holy name
Sing like never before, O my Soul
I worship your holy name

The sun comes up it's a new day dawning
It's time to sing your song again
Whatever may pass and whatever lies before me
Let me be singing when the evening comes

You're rich in love and you're slow to anger
Your name is great and your heart is kind
For all your goodness I will keep on singing
10,000 reasons for my heart to find

And on that day when my strength is failing
The end draws near and my time has come
 Soon my soul will sing your praise unending
10,000 years and then forevermore

To him who is able to keep you from falling and to present you before his glorious presence without fault and with great joy--to the only God our Savior be glory, majesty, power and authority, through Jesus Christ our Lord, before all ages, now and forevermore!
 Jude 24-25

Yours Truly

Sunday, July 8, 2012

The REALLY Bad Dude Challenge

The name for this post comes from my dad. Whenever we watch a movie, cartoon/real people, he always refers to the villain as being a "Bad dude" or a "REALLY Bad Dude." Are you  intrigued as to who I am? I will let you know that I planned all of the outfits for this month 7 months ago. What can I say? I got excited! July has an intentional theme, unlike last month, and I am SO excited to premiere these outfits. haha

Who am I?

Drumroll please! bddddddddddd!

TaDa! It's Lion King month!
Remember the scene when the hyenas shudder at Mufasa's name? I shudder at Scar's. I'm also a little wary when he sings Be Prepared. Yikes. Read his Wiki bio here.

The Character: Scar

The Outfit: Black top from Stein Mart 2009
                  Printed skirt from Kohl's 2009
                  Black sandals from Old Navy 2008
                  Brown belt from Papaya 2011

The Disneybound Inspiration:

I planned this outfit before I had an inspiration board. I just hoped that it would work. I'd like to think that it did.

My attempt at being Scar is kind of crazy, but let's face it, he is kind of crazy!

I pray that this picture does not frighten you!

Love & Sparkles*

The She Sings A Lot Challenge

At the beginning of June, I wore Flounder. The next week I wore King Triton. The next week I wore Sebastian. All of that was accidental. I did not mean to make it a Little Mermaid month, but I decided to keep it going since I had come so far. :)

Drumroll please! bdddddddddd!

She just wants to see the outside world. She is enthusiastic about life. She has a listening problem. She learns her lesson because of her father's sacrifice. She marries the man of her dreams. She is Ariel.
Click here for her Wiki bio.

The Character: Ariel

The Outfit: Sea green dress from Target 2011
                  Purple-y shrug from a boutique at the beach 2009
                  Red belt from Papaya 2011
                  Silver shoes from Clarke's 2010

The Disneybound Inspiration:

Sidenote: I have the shoes suggested on the inspiration board, but mine are turquoise.

One thing about Ariel that I love. She sings. She sings a lot!

Release your inner Ariel. I promise you won't regret it!

Love & Sparkles*

The "Hot Crustacean Band" Challenge

I took a risk with this outfit. I wasn't sure if I was brave enough to wear these colors together. I did and the good news is that I LOVED it!

Drumroll please! bdddddddddddd!

He's everybody's favorite crab. Theez iz zee one and only Sebastian. (I was going for a little Caribbean with the "z"s. I hope it worked.) Sebastian seems to have everything together when everything else is falling apart, and he is the voice of reason/obedience for Ariel.  Please enjoy his Wiki bio here.

The Character: Sebastian

The Outfit: Red frilly top from Kohl's 2008
                  Coral capris from Ann Taylor 2009
                  Gold sandals from New York & Company 2011
                  Gold headband from Kyleigh 2011

The Disneybound Inspiration:

Please enjoy this classic gem! Click here.

And make a crab face. It is very entertaining and fun!

Love & Sparkles*