Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The She's Awesome Challenge

Does anyone every look at someone and think or say out loud, "He/She is awesome!" Those words come out of my mouth every time I watch all the movies or read the HP series. This character is simply that, awesome.

Drum roll please! bddddddddddddd!

Professor Minerva McGonagall
She is the professor of Transfiguration, head of Gryffindor House, and one of Dumbledore's right hand [wo]men at Hogwarts. Amidst her crazy magical skills, Professor McGonagall is full of grace and poise until the very end. I do not think I can do her justice with my simple words. Please click here and read what Wiki has to say.

The Character: Professor McGonagall
The Outfit: Purple dress from GAP 2009
                  Black cardigan from BMoss (I know, right. Old school.) from 2009
                  Black tights from Target 2011
                  Gray shoes from clarks 2010
                  Silver belt from my Nini
                  Pearl earrings from I can't remember 20-something
                  Black and silver watch from Stein Mart 2010

The Disneybound Inspiration:

I know that Professor McGonagall would remind you to speak clearly when attempting to transfigure your toucan into a goblet. She would also instruct you to not be foolish when dealing with magic.

The Hoot of a Challenge

Most people I know at least tolerate pets, if not love them! As for me, I love them. We have 2 cats are 1 dog at home. All of them do quirky and entertaining things. What's not to love about soft fur and a cute face? Actually, I could name a few bodily functions that most people get frustrated with, but I will spare you. Does anything I posted above apply to my HP character last week? I'm very glad you asked! Yes, it sure does.

Hint: You'll know by the necklace!

Drum roll please! bddddddddddddddddd!

Miss No Nonsense, Sassy-pants Hedwig herself!
Just like I love my 2 cats and 1 dog, Harry loves his Hedwig. Students that attend Hogwarts are only allowed four types of pet: cat, toad, rat, or OWL!
Hagrid, the one you saw here the other day, gives Harry the beautiful snowy owl with amber eyes as Harry's 11th birthday present. Throughout the books, readers get frustrated, laugh at, and simply adore Hedwig as she does the mundane task of delivering mail or keeping Harry from trouble. If you would like to more information about this beautiful creature, click here.

Interesting fact: When my family and I lived overseas in the 90s we had an owl. His name was Fluff.

The Character: Hedwig
The Outfit: White shirt with decorative neck from Forever 21 2008
                   Gray and white cardigan from JCrew 2011
                   Black pants from Target 2010
                   Yellow shoes from Target 201
                   Silver owl necklace from my Grandmother circa 2000s
                   Black and silver watch from Stein Mart 2011

The Disneybound Inspirations:

Neither of these outfits were sensible for going to class. Personally, I wouldn't mind the first dress, and maybe my professors would have thought it cool, but I decided to make it sensible: black, white, gray, and yellow. (The yellow represents her "amber eyes.") I feel like it was a winner!

If Headwig were here, she would make sure you are acting straight and flying right.
Get it? FLY-ing.

Until the next post,
Hoo Hoo!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Not Super Lovey Challenge

One of my good pals gave me the brutally honest :)  truth that I have dropped the ball in my updating. Thanks, Kylie! I knew I could count on you! So, here is my Valentine's post. (I didn't forget Harry. I will post my HP outfit in a separate post following this one.)

I know, I know!  I'm wearing yellow on Valentine's, and it isn't as close to red as pink!

Drum roll please! bddddddddddddddd!

Her Majesty the Queen of Hearts!
Her name is quite ironic since she finds enjoyment lopping heads off. Have no fear! I do not find pleasure in that! I chose her because of her affinity for hearts. What else do you wear on Valentine's? Duh! Neither is she lovely or sweet, but she is confident in her womanhood! That is how this girl approached Valentine's: confident and independent. What else is a single girl to do? :)

The Character: The Queen of Hearts
The Outfit: Red ruffle top from Kohl's 2009
                  White shrug from TJMax 2011
                  Yellow skirt from Goodwill 2011
                  Black and gold belt from my Mama
                  Black tights from Target 2011
                  Boots from Clark's 2008
                  Heart headband was homemade the night before
                  Gold earrings from Kyleigh 2011

The Disneybound Inspiration:

The yellow skirt and brown boot inspiration came from the picture below.

Her yellow/orange brown skirt gave me the idea to use MY yellow skirt and brown boots! I hope you don't think I'm completely crazy!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day and that you didn't feel tempted to say "Off with their head!"

Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Green Thumb Challenge

I'm just going to cut to the chase and then give an explanation because I am too excited! Here is my picture.

Drum roll please. bddddddddddddddd!

Mr. Neville Longbottom!
Neville is a plant loving, friend defending, brave Gryffindor. Please take the time to read the Wikipedia article about Neville. He is a great hero among Harry's friends. Click here.

The Character: Neville Longbottom
The Outfit: White blouse from Ann Taylor 2009
                   Green pants from Tommy Hilfigger 2007
                   Gray Shrug from Marshalls 2010
                   Earthtone shoes from Clarks 2008
                   Silver belt from my Great Aunt
                   Flower earrings from Papaya 2011
                   Flower ring from a friend 2011

Disneybound Inspiration:

Okay, I did not have gray pants or any frog accessories. I decided to embrace his herbology side. I wore flowers on my ears and hand, and I wore green pants to look kind of like a plant or tree. I hope it was a success! 

My flowers

Here is a little surprise for everyone. From the first movie of the series to the last movie, Neville had a great transformation. He started out here.

He ended the series here.

Please enjoy some pinterest humor. 

If Neville were here, he would probably remind you to wear earplugs when working with Mandrakes!

I do not know when Eo's post will be ready. Brad's grandmother passed away this past week and they left for Johnson City on Friday. Please be praying for them and the rest of the Boswell family during this time. 

Friday, February 3, 2012

The Looney Challenge

Today I represented one of my favorite characters of fantasy literature. Don't be scared by the word fantasy. I took the more classy route in creating this outfit. This character is quite looney but very loveable. If you have read the books or seen this individual on the screen, you know where I am coming from. Besides, it gave me a GREAT excuse to wear glittery shoes (Not that I have ever needed an actual reason. I love a good glittery accessory!)

This is me. Like the electrical outlet posing beside me?

Guesses for who is Looney?
 Drum roll please. bddddddddddddddddddd!

Miss Luna Lovegood!
Who is Luna Lovegood? Luna Lovegood is a care free, Quibbler loving, Ravenclaw from J.K. Rowling's series following a certain Harry Potter! If you would like to know more about her character, Wikipedia has a great page with her information. Click here!

The Character: Luna Lovegood
The Outfit: Pink button down from Anthropologie 2010
                 Purple Shrug from Foley Outlets 2009
                 Brown skirt from New York & Company from 2008
                 Brownish/Orange belt from Papaya 2011
                 Glittery flats from Target 2011
                 Leaf earrings from Papaya 2011
Disneybound Inspiration:

You're probably thinking about how Luna is not a Disney character and of course you are right, but Disneybound's Harry Potter outfits are just great. That is the surprise for this month. If you been keeping up with Eo, you would've seen that we were doing something special the month of February. If you were thinking that the surprise was a Valentine's theme or some kind of President's Day theme, SURPRISE! It's Harry Potter month. Don't forget to check Eo's page!

I hope you are having a magical day!