Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Feathered Friend Challenge

This week my outfit included a shirt from Anthropologie. We all know it is going to be a good day when you were an article of clothing from Anthro. My sweet Mamichka gave it to me.

Drumroll please! bdddddddddddd!

He's everyone's favorite little feathered friend with his unique voice. He is none other than Mr. Donald Duck. You can find him chillin' with his bffs in the Mickey Mouse club. You should try your hand at  the interesting timbre of his voice.

The Character: Donald Duck

The Outfit: Yellow cardigan from Wal-Mart 2008
                   Blue and white stripped shirt from Anthropologie via Mamichka
                   Jeans from GAP 2010
                   Orange-y flats from Target via Goodwill

The Disneybound Inspiration:

Little fact: My bathroom at home used to be decorated with a duck theme. When I say decorated, I mean EVERYTHING was duck. Birthdays, Christmases, or random occasions brought new ducks to my bathtub. It was quite a sight.

Shake your tail feathers!

Love & Sparkles*

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

One Word...4 Syllables

Maturity...I love it. I hate it. The biggest issue I have and the fight I want to pick with maturity, is that I struggle with it. When does the growing process ever end? I've heard it from so many people. I've believed it myself, but sometimes the glittery glasses I like to wear get frosted over and I think I have reached my full potential. As I ponder that thought process, I laugh. It's SOOOOO not over. Just this past weekend, my glasses defrosted and I saw an area the Lord has been using to help mature me. You know that moment. It's the one where you are stopped in your tracks and a light switch is flipped. Yeah... The one where you feel embarrassed. The one where you experience grace. The one where you want to fix it immediately, but know you must wait. The one where you realize that maturity you thought you had was actually being cultivated instead. The one where you start singing "Thanks be to our God" because he is so faithful and good. That was my weekend. It was wonderful and revealing. I am so glad that I am not rejected by Jesus when I fall short. I am so glad he stops me and shows me where I need more of him. I am so glad that I am not done maturing.
Although, some of you may be questioning my maturity right now. I do wear a disney outfit every week, and I have been sitting in my room listening to Les Miserables almost in tears. (The new movie comes out in three months...You have to start preparing now!)
Sometimes it stinks. Other times it is fun. Know that a lesson in maturity is always lurking around the corner with its eyes peeled. Watch your backs, and sleep with one eye open. You don't want miss it.

Yours Truly

Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Best Friend Challenge

This challenge involves wearing yellow. That means it is automatically a favorite.

Drumroll please! bdddddddddddd!

He's that silly ole bear's best friend. He is the favorite pal. He is Christopher Robin.

The Character: Christopher Robin

The Outfit: Yellow shirt from Ann Taylor 2009
                   Denim skirt from Target 2010
                   Red belt from Papaya 2011
                   Black sandals from Target 2009

The Disneybound Inspiration:

I hope you have a bff like Christopher Robin. I have several!

Love & Sparkles*

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Cajun Challenge

I'm getting caught up. I promise.

Drumroll please! bdddddddddd!

If you are confused at this moment, it is understandable. I am not a character this week. I am a setting. I am Goin' down the Bayou from Princess and and the Frog. I saw this movie for the first time after taking the ACT. (Yes, that means I was in high school). My friend Katie and I had a blast, but we were left a little scarred from the voodoo scenes. It isn't my favorite story, but the scenery is beautiful. It was a perfect set up for my high school choir tour to New Orleans! Anyway...

The Character: Goin' down the Bayou

The Outfit: Black dress from Wal-Mart 2008
                  Creamy cardigan from Ann Taylor 2009
                  Gold sparkly shoes from Target 2011
                  Gold/turquoise earrings from Christmas 2011

The Disneybound Inspiration:

Hopefully you can enjoy some red beans and rice super soon! They are simply delicious!

Love & Sparkles*

Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Wishes Challenge

I LOVE this one!

Drumroll please! bdddddddddd!

He is none other than "Genie of the Lamp...Right here, direct from the lamp. Right here for your very much wish-fulfillment. Thank you."
Aladdin was one of my favorite movies, and Genie is definitely a highlight. Robin Williams is that good!

The Character: Genie

The Outfit: Teal v-neck from Target 2011
                     Navy shorts from Dress Barn 2010
                     Red belt from Papaya 2011
                     Gold shoes from Target 2011
                     Gold earrings from Christmas 2011

The Disneybound Inspiration:

If you will notice, I am sitting on an oriental run which is my version of a magic carpet.  Kylie took these pictures as well. We had some laughs over a few of the outtakes. They didn't make it on here, but THESE did. 

It does the heart well to sing a little bit of "Prince Ali" or "A Whole New World." Make your heart happy today---said in one of Genie's many voices. You can choose.

Love & Sparkles

The Lost Shoe Challenge

I always wanted to be her because she has blonde hair. Naturally...

Drumroll please! bdddddddddddd!

Cinderella of course! She is an example to all. She works without complaining, sings through life, and catches a prince named Charming. WHAT could be better?

The Character: Cinderella

The Outfit: Blue shirt from New York & Company 2011
                   White shorts from GAP 2009
                   Decorative headband from Claire's 2010
                   Silver flats from Target 2011

The Disneybound Inspiration:

I've always wanted animals to sing along with me. Maybe this gets me one step closer.

Love & Sparkles

The Can You Feel It Challenge

Helloooooooooooo! I'm back. August was crazy, and don't worry, I will give you those details in a later post. For now, it is time to guess for 1 million dollars or maybe just a smile.

Drumroll please! bdddddddddd!

She was plastered on a favorite t-shirt of mine. I dream of having dazzling blue eyes like she does. (This picture makes them look green...) After much commotion, she steals Simba's heart. She is the adorable, she can hold her own and she is absolutely lovely. She is Nala.  

The Character: Nala

The Outfit: Tan dress from Target 2011
                   Pink flower from Christmas 2011
                   Pink and gold bracelet from Papaya 2011
                   Sandals from Target 2010

The Disneybound Inspiration:

Kylie McDonald came home with me for Labor Day, and we had some fun taking pictures. The following pictures are for your viewing pleasure.

Sweet Nala...

Sassy Nala...

Love & Sparkles