Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Well, the big news for 2012 is out., but I can't stop with No Buy 2012/Disneybound challenge. I have other news to share...

I received my tickets and travel information in the mail yesterday. I had to share!

One evening in October, Laura Kay and I were talking about what we were going to do during Union's mini semester, Jan-Term. We knew of the Italy trip that Union takes every year. It is a study abroad opportunity to earn credit for World Lit. I, World Lit. II, Arts & Western Civilization, and the Walking for Fitness PE credit. You are only allowed to take 7 hours. I was in need of these classes. So, I casually emailed my mom to see if the trip might be a possibility. I told her that whatever the decision was, I would be fine. She replied the next day. "Daddy said Yes! Go ahead and register." I couldn't believe it for a minute. I did a happy dance and squealed, "I'm going to Italy!"

This trip is open to all Union students, staff, and faculty. They CLEARLY state that on the information guide. Sorry, Mama! The program is Sponsored by the English Department and assisted by the Art Department. When I return from Italy, I will have earned 6 hrs worth of credit: 3 for World Lit. II and 3 for Arts and Western Civ. Why not study those subjects where a lot of the material being studied was drawn, painted, sculpted, and written? The lecture part of the Arts and Western Civ. portion took place before I came home for Christmas Break. We crammed almost 20 chapters of Art and Music into 5 class periods. As we looked at each piece of art, talked about the Sistine Chapel, and learned about Vivaldi, I swelled with excitement! I realized that this trip will a be a once in a lifetime trip!

Click here to see our itinerary. We will start in Rome, travel to Florence, then on to Venice, and then finally finish in Milan. Once we arrive in Rome, we are on the move until we get on the plane in Milan to head home.  I will be gone from Jan 9-23.  I can't wait to share all about it with you once I return. Don't worry, two Disneybound outfits will be crossing the ocean and sported on the streets of Italy!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Challenge Accepted!

It was a hot day in July. I was gearing up to take Statistics at Union. My sister was helping me unpack the stuff I would be living on the month of July. She unfolded shirt after shirt. After seeing how many articles of clothing I brought with me, she suggested we do a "No Buy July" project: no clothes purchases for the month of July. It was a loving way to keep me accountable...I protested inwardly for a minute. I came to my senses. We succeeded and did not buy any clothing for the month of July.

It was a warm day in December. (It happens in the state of Alabama!) I was cleaning out my closet at home. I recalled a statement my sister made in November. "I think I'm going to do "No Buy 2012." I thought, "That's great for you but not for me!" After seeing how many articles of clothing I had, I knew I needed to do "No Buy 2012" to appreciate all I have been blessed with and save money. I sent Eo the fateful text saying that I was planning to do it...

So, here I am. It is December 18 and I am getting ready to embark on "No Buy 2012." I have been a little scared from the beginning, but Eo helped me overcome some fears with good ol' Pinterest. If you don't know what Pinterest is, click here. Dear Pinterest has a whole "line" of Disneybound pin boards. Disneybound takes characters from Disney movies/other movies and creates stylish/posh/retro/"I would so totally wear this in 2012" outfits. To see what I mean click here. Do you love it? I know I do!

Here is the challenge Eo and I are accepting. First, we cannot buy any new clothing except necessities during 2012. Second, we have to create a similar outfit for at least one Disneybound character (or other creations based on other movies and books)  AND wear it one day of the week. My friends, if you check my blog weekly, by January 1, 2013 you will have seen 52 outfits that are Disneybound inspired that come directly from my current wardrobe. Let me just tell you that I AM ALREADY LOVING IT! I have been going through my clothes and putting together the "Amiee" version of Disneybound. Here are the characters I have already worked on: Flounder, the Beast, Snow White, Faline, Down on the Bayou, Hogwarts school girl, and Willy Wonka. (If you didn't click the link for the example, please do so now. Hopefully you will find this a little less crazy!)

I am so excited to do this. I have always wanted to make a resolution or give myself a challenge to conquer. God has blessed and continues to bless me with more than I deserve. My salvation through Jesus Christ is the number one blessing on the list, and being able to choose from more than one outfit each day is near the top. We quickly take for granted the ability to open our closets and choose from multiple shirts, pants, shoes, etc. Jesus told us that "to whom much is given, much is required." I have been blessed with clothes, now I need to do my part and use what God has given me.

The Challenge has been accepted: No Buy 2012 + a Disneybound Creation for each week during the year! Please stay tuned to see it come to life!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Rain Equals Royalty

For the past several days, the Southeast has received a ridiculous amount of rain.

Benefits of the rain:
1. Cooler temperatures. In Alabama, we need that!
2. A Satisfied earth. The grass and the rest of our vegetation swim (literally) with delight.
3. Happy lawn caretakers. Our front yard is on its way to looking like the lush Rwandan terrain.

Downsides of the rain:
1. NO SUNLIGHT! I LOVE sunshine. Madame Mim from The Sword and the Stone complains about the sunlight and yells, "I hate sunlight!" I am exclaiming, "I want Sunlight!," "Bring on the sun!," or "Now is the time to shine!"
2. Terrible driving conditions. After new student registration at Union on Monday, we experienced a scary trip back home. As the winshield wipers stayed at full speed, I could not see anything in front of me. Oi!
3. Vitamin D deficiency. What is a girl to do? (Yes, taking vitamin pills would work, but natural sunlight is my favorite option!)

My mom and I have been visiting my granddaddy for the past few days. This afternoon my auntie rolled into town for visit as well. Such great family fun!
We all went out to dinner this evening. As we left the house, dark clouds ominously swarmed above us. Sitting down to our tasty meal, we noticed that the bottom was falling out! Sheets and sheets of rain dropped to the ground. I gazed out the window hoping that my telepathic powers would stop the rain. Then, it hit me. I looked down at the asphault to find little "crowns."

As the large droplets landed, water jumped back into the air. Essentially, the "corners" of the droplets rose to form a crown, tiara, royal head ornamentation, etc. I made this observation to my family. My auntie smiled at me, looked at my mother, and said, "Of course you would think that!"

Next time you feel sad due to the rain, remember the crowns. Rain equals royalty!

Addendum: If the droplets are small, the "crown" might not reach its full potential.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

I NEED a Lobsterman!

I love Ingrid Michaelson.
I was first introduced to her at a good ole Union Family Weekend Open Mic. Since then, I have been hooked.
The night before Brad and Erin's wedding, E and I did our sister thing: talking, dancing, making ridiculous faces, and listening to music. In the midst of our fun, E told me that she needed to introduce me to an Ingrid song that I would absolutely love. Of course, I made my computer available. She searched Youtube and pressed play. Click here to enjoy this (monumental) song. After hearing Far Away, I made a decision...

"That's it. I am going to marry a lobsterman!"
He'll take care of me? Close to my heart he'll always stay? I'll catch his warm stare?
I NEED a lobsterman!
I'm still working through "smelling like the sea." We'll have to see about that. Tommy Bahama, sure. Flat our sea salt, maybe not.

*About the second verse...
I'm not going to frequent a bar, but I did decide that the "boy next to me...that I love to love...from afar" is James McAvoy: oh well...too good to be realistic.

Honestly, I'm not sure where I will find my lobsterman. I might have to visit Maine. What a bummer! :) If I don't make it to Maine, don't worry. I did buy some lobster shoes to be prepared for his arrival.
Perfect! Right?

Here's to the search for my lobsterman! If you find him, let me know!

"I could keep going!"

Hello Friends!
I know it has been forever since my last blog post. A LOT has happened since that time. I have compiled a list highlighting events of this exciting life I have been living for the past several months.

1. Apply/audition....At the end of the semester, I applied to be a new student orientation leader for the incoming class. The Friday I left for my Spring Break Ukrainian adventure, I received an email offering me a Focus leader position. I said yes! Further down the road, I auditioned for Union's two selective choirs/ensembles. After a week of suspenseful waiting, I received the news that I had been selected for BOTH! I couldn't/still can't believe it. I feel so blessed!

2. Finish all of my classes.... Out of all of my classes this semester, my least favorite was Math for Elementary School Teachers. I know what you're thinking. The word elementary is in the title, but my dear Watson, it was far from elementary. I conquered it and  I consider myself a champ.

3. Move myself out... My wonderful parents were unable to assist my final moving endeavor. (They had moved the bulk of my things 2 weeks before move-out day. They are the best.) Being a girl, I am not ashamed to say that I did not like the "I am woman hear me roar" persona I had to embrace for that daunting task, but I survived.

4. Finish my Freshman year!...C-RAZY!

5. Move back home.... Oh the wonderful things that happen when moving home: sleeping, movie watching/tv shows, catching up with the fam, hanging with friends, and finalizing duties as the maid of honor to my wonderful sister. Say What? Check out her new blog here!

6. Be the Maid of Honor. I have stood in front of people maaany times before, but this task was frightening. Visions of her beautiful dress being ruined swam through my mind (oh wait, that did happen ... but not by my hand. No worries - Mom came to the rescue). Whew, the wedding went off without a hitch. The only hitch-ing that happened was when Bro. Jimmy pronounced them Mr. and Mrs. Brad Boswell. Get it? Hitch...getting hitched...oh goodness.

7. GO TO THE BEACH! My excitement level about the wedding was high during the end of school, but my excitement skyrocketed every time I thought of the week following the wedding: a trip to the beach! Our trip proved well worth the wait. The one downside was when Kyleigh got stung by a jellyfish. You can check out her new blog here. After using shaving cream, meat tenderizer, vinegar, and alternating pain medicine, we were back in the water and having a blast.

8. Go to the movies: X-Men: First Class and Kung Fu Panda=WINNER, Judy Moody and the Not So Bummer Summer= Fun time with friends, and The Green Lantern= Quality time with the parents. If you were worried about the Brassarts breaking the bank with these movie tickets, just know that all of them but one were matinees and dad used his handy dandy gift cards for the others.

The title of my post comes from the show Parks and Recreation. Kyleigh, the one mentioned above, introduced me to it. We love it. One of the characters says that he could keep going on about his awesome ideas of invention and adventure. So far, my summer has been a great adventure. If you know me, you know that I love adventure. Please continue reading as I unfold more of this "not so bummer summer!"

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


This semester I am taking two education classes. I have the intro to education, EDU 150, also known as, "We are weeding out the real teachers!" Hopefully, fingers crossed, I won't be weeded out. ;) My other education class is called Survey Exceptionalities. As I am learning about "exceptions" or "disabilities," I have great admiration for my buddy Solomon Powell and his precious family.

Last year, I had the privilege to spend time with Solomon every Wednesday afternoon. It was so exciting to see him improve each week.
Favorite parts of my visits with Solomon:
1. When he would  grab my hand and sniff it to see who I was
2. When f he would lay his head on me and rest for a few minute from his energetic playfulness.
3. When he would sing along with me to his rollie pollie song.
4. When he would play his bright orange recorder.
5. Telling him I would see him later and that I loved him!

 I will admit that 2 years ago I was afraid I would break individuals with "special needs" if I helped them. I was taught a great lesson watching Mrs. Angie, Solomon's mom, love on and encourage Solomon. One afternoon while playing on the floor with his brightly colored toys she said, "All of us have special needs that God gives us. We all need special attention." Needless to say, I've remembered what she said since that afternoon. Reality check! I may not have the same needs as Solomon, but I have needs that have to be met every day. If the same care were given to personal "special needs" life might actually be "normal."

After sitting through three Survey Exceptionalities classes, I have been reminded that everyday is full of "special needs." Children diagnosed with exceptionalites are not oddities.
All of us have special needs. We are all oddities.

Who doesn't love this buddy's' face?

Sunday, February 6, 2011


On Friday night our room was very exciting. We stayed home, made pizza, watched a movie, and went to bed at 10. ( A couple of us were a bit under the weather.) Our movie choice was presented to us by my roommate Julianne. That movie was Taken.

 I had heard great things about Taken, but since I had been in Europe for the summer  when it was released and away from my parents, I had been advised not to see it until I was safely home. Well, I took the plunge...I was on the edge of my seat with anticipation, excitement, nervousness until credits rolled.

Five Favorite Things from Taken:
1. Liam Neeson- He's great AND he is Aslan.
2. The mention of Langley (I love a good CIA reference)
3. Liam was a "Preventer." (I love spies)
4. AWESOME "Take 'em down!" fight scenes.
5. Everything was resolved and my favorite characters were safe when 1 hour and 30 mins ticked by on the   DVD player.

All of those factors made a great movie. The major theme that really moved me was not that she was taken, but the purpose for her kidnapping, sex trafficking. The most poignant and heart-breaking scene in the movie was the auction scene.  A room filled with rich, greasy, pinkie ring wearing, old men bidding $250,000 to $500,000 on these helpless girls. I will never forget the sound of the auctioneer saying, "We've saved the best for last." The mind boggling thought is that this REAL LIFE . Not only is it real life, the one of biggest prostitution rings of our country hits close to my new home.

The moments of watching those poor girls demoralized by selfish men made me thankful for God's  grace. How often I take it for granted. Living in a city an hour from Memphis spurs me to take action. I am not sure what action :) , but I know I can begin by praying because God is Sovereign and Good!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Yep, I did it!

That's right. I created a blog. As I began this endeavor, I realized that I am not blog savvy quite yet. After clicking the "save layout", Design tab, "apply this template", and many other buttons for an embarrassing amount of time, I finally reached the page you are viewing at this moment. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

While I looked through backgrounds I wanted to find one covered in yellow. Now that took an extensive amount of time because sadly the background world was lacking my ideal yellow background. I mean, why couldn't the sites read my mind? Yellow IS my favorite color.

 Living the Color Yellow..
You might be wondering what in the world does she mean by that? Here is a little help.
Definitions According to the Oxford Dictionary:

Live-spend one's life in a particular way or under particular circumstances

Color- the property possessed by an object of producing different sensations on the eye as a result of the way the object reflects or emits light

Yellow- the color between green and orange in the spectrum

As you read, the definition of yellow isn't an in-depth definition. To create my personal definition, I ask you to visualize the rainbow without yellow between orange and green. 
Looks strange doesn't it? It lacks some vibrancy.

My definition of living the color yellow is as follows. I live the color yellow by trying to "spend one's time""producing the different sensations""between orange and green."  In other words, I am trying to live a vibrant life.

vibrant- full of energy and enthusiasm
            (of color) bright and striking

On this blog I hope you find day to day vibrancy in words, thoughts, and stories that make up my life!