Saturday, February 15, 2014

The BFF Challenge

When I was little, the movie this character is in "disappeared" for a time. I might have gotten carried away watching it over and over in our tv room. I just loved it, y'all. I just really loved it….. I still do.

Drumroll please! bdddddddddd!

Oh, Abu. No one can deny those big ole friendly eyes. Although, I do believe we all wish his eyes didn't get so greedy in the Cave of Wonders….. Despite all of his shenanigans, he is Aladdin's bff, and Abu even comes around to liking Jasmine. That is an accomplishment.
Who doesn't love their best friends?

The Character: Abu

The Outfit: Blouse from Banana Republic from Mom 2012
                  Brown skirt from NY&Co 2008
                  Sparkly flats from Target 2011
                  Gold bracelet borrowed from Kyleigh 

The Disneybound Inspiration: 

BFFs are the best. Don't forget to tell them. 

Love & Sparkles* 

The Plaza Challenge

This character is one of my favorites. This character's movie came out in 2006, and I have loved it since. The first time we ever saw the movie it was on ABC Family, and we didn't get the blank VHS in the recording mode in time. It took a year to track it down again. Thankfully, it is now on DVD, and gets at least one yearly showing.

Drumroll please! bddddddddddd! 

The spunky and feisty yet tender hearted and lovable Eloise. If your DVD player is broken have no fear, Erin and I could quote 97.6% of it without any help. Just call us up and we will be there. It is a Brassart Boswell favorite, and Christmas isn't the same without it. 

The Character: Eloise

The Outfit: White Blouse from Loft 2010
                   Black cardigan from B.Moss 2007
                   Jeans from Loft 2010
                   Red flats from Target 2008

The Disneybound Inspiration:

Click here and watch a short clip that Erin and I have reenacted on MANY occasions. I'm sure you will be shocked!

Love & Sparkles*

The Always on Your Shoulder Challenge

This character is not in a movie I desired to watch over and over. I do think that this character can always bring a little smile. In one sense, I believe it is part of this character's job. Hopefully you will agree. First, I will show you the outfit.

Drumroll please! bdddddddddd! 

What a guy Jiminy Cricket is. He can help, if you let him. Plus, like Mushu, he is "travel size for your convenience." 

The Character: Jiminy Cricket

The Outfit: Black Blazer from Parisian before it turned Belk 2006 (yes, that is the right year)
                  Mustard shirt from Mama 2012
                  Jeans from LOFT 2010
                  Blue headband from Mama 2012
                  Sparkly Oxfords from DSW 2011

The Disneybound Inspiration: 

I'm not really sure what I was doing here, but I thought an outtake would be funny.

Love & Sparkles*

The Sly Challenge

Well, here I am again asking you to guess. I know it has been months. I hope you can bear with me a little while longer.

The voice of Roger Miller opens this classic Disney tale. It is an odd mix of a whimsical and a modern tale. It was one of my favorites nonetheless, and the dvd is currently sitting on the bookshelf in my living room.

Drumroll please! bddddddddddddd!!!

Robin Hood (the sly red fox as I like to call him). That's who! You may be asking yourself, "What does this fox say?" Well, he says a lot with his actions. His methodology may not be the most upright, but he does great good for the poor in Nottingham, and he gets Maid Marian. What more could he ask for? (to continually stay out of jail is probably at the top of the list of life questions). 

The Character: Robin Hood

The Outfit: Green blouse from Anthropologie ON SALE via mom 2012
                   Jean from GAP 2010
                   Khaki jacket from Sam's 2008
                   Sparkly shoes from Target 2011
                   Necklace from NY&Co 2011

The Disneybound Inspiration:

My sly look….. I'm pretty sure I need to work on it…

Love & Sparkles*