Saturday, December 29, 2012

Angels Unaware

"God is still in charge, and He never looks back and says, Oops!" he said as he clutched the hand of a sorrowful young lady. A man that once towered over her now reclined in a comfy chair. He was beginning to look jaundiced and also weary from the influx of visitors. Earlier that day, he had received his final dialysis treatment to treat the kidney failure that attempted to control his body as well as the recently diagnosed liver cancer caused by agent orange. He was resting easy, all considering. He spoke of times at church, church members, encouragement cards written by young children, and then he spoke from his heart.

"I'm not afraid to die. (because I know where I'm going) My biggest regret is that I will not see my grandchildren grow up and the families they will have. I hope I have done them justice as a father. I believe I have done what I was called to do," he said between tired breaths. "I believe that we all have angels, and I have seen mine. Y'all saw that I Love America program a few years back, right? When I was fighting in Vietnam, I was given a certain assignment via helicopter. Before the mission began, a young man came to me and asked to take my seat on the flight in order to take care of an urgent matter. I agreed. That mission turned tragic and every crew member was killed in the explosion. Following the incident, I attempted to acquire contact  information for this young man's family. I searched and searched. I asked around...This man was never recorded as being on the mission...or in the military anywhere. I couldn't believe it. He came to me as an authentic army officer. He never existed. I believe that I was entertaining an angel. I have stepped on booby traps, uncovered wires just enough to see what I was walking into. I know that God is good."

As the time drew near for the family to leave, the young lady asked if she could sing for him. She knew this would be her final time to visit with the man that had greeted her every Sunday from the time she was five years old, the man who would always say that he was better after a big hug and a kiss on the cheek. Fighting tears and trembling voice, she held his hand and sang Amazing Grace. He relaxed as much as he could. After a few farewell hugs, with a heavy heart, Amiee left Mr. Phil Williams to rest. He was a general in the army who has seen more than many can imagine and also tried his hand at becoming Alabama's governor, but most importantly, he is the kind usher at church who welcomes hugs and kisses or fist bumps from young children on any given Sunday morning. You never know when you are with angels, unaware.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Speedy Challenge

This outfit was actually a costume. Mama and I made it back in 2008. It is still alive and kickin 4 years later.

*Laura Kay was Princess Tiger Lily and Kyleigh was her TeePee...Get it?

I'm sure you know who I am, but for good measure...

Drumroll please! bddddddddddd!

Mr. Speedy Gonzales himself. He is Mr. Dash Incredible. Why am I Dash you may ask? 1. He is blonde. 2. He runs and I am admirer of runners.

The Character: Dash

The Outfit: Homemade my Mama and me!

Disneybound Inspiration:

Here is the first time I wore this costume. I was brace faced and all!

Good times everyone...Good times!

Love & Sparkles*         

The Toe Tappin Challenge

This outfit debuted around my birthday. The special accessory will give it away.

I look a little funny in this photo. I will blame it on my giddiness about Birthday/Family Weekend. Let's just add to the funniness by giving a drumroll.

Drumroll please! bdddddddddd!

He is just the cutest. How can you say no that face? How can you say no to Thumper?

The Character: Thumper

The Outfit: Tan blouse birthday present from Banana Republic 2012
                   Tan shrug/vest/whatever the appropriate name is
                   Gray shorts from Mama via Target from Mama
                   Silver shoes from Clarks 2006 
                   21 Tiara from Eo's 21st

The Disneybound Inspiration:

See the similarity? or is one not like the other?

Love & Sparkles*

The Mustang Sally Challenge

Ladies and Gentlemen,
My life for the past several months has looked/happened like a whirlwind. It is December 15? What? The challenge for this year is almost over? (Notice I said the challenge for THIS year. Be on the lookout for the Brasswell/Bosart challenge for 2013. We are still hashing out the details.) I realized that tomorrow marks a year since we decided to tackle this bear. I am a little nostalgic. Have no fear, sappy/sentimental post about how this year made me feel, what I learned, and how it has made my life better will come soon. :D

You may say, "Girl get a jacket" when you see this picture or not. The temperatures have not been reflecting December recently.  (I wore this outfit back in July.)

Drumroll please! bdddddddddd!

She is Sally. Sweet Sally. Look at those baby blues. No wonder Lightening fancies her...Maybe I will start batting my eyes like she does. 

The Character: Sally

The Outfit: Blue shirt from Mama 2011
                  Gray shorts gift from Mama via Target 2012
                  Black sandals from Target 2009
                  Earrings you can't see from Eo 2011

Disneybound Inspiration: 

Here's my go at being like Sally.

More posts will be coming soon!

Love & Sparkles*

Monday, December 10, 2012


I know. It has been a long time since I last posted, and from the title of this post, this is not a Challenge post. Please know that I have not given up on the challenge, life has just been a little busy (hold the little) and I am behind on my picture taking. I had planned to have my blog up to date over Thanksgiving, but a dreadful little bug hit me for about 48 hrs. Thank goodness for my own bed and family.
My mind is always busy, and lately, Little Claire Bear or Baby Girl has been occupying my thoughts. I can't wait to snuggle. I can't wait to buy her all of the accessories a little lady needs. I can't wait for that baby smell after she takes a bath. I can't wait to buy her bows and make her look like a precious present to everyone around her. I just can't wait. I am not even her Mama, and I am waiting with great expectation for her arrival.
Little does this precious baby know that her little life has been pointing me to the beauty found in the manger this season. The prophecies foretold of a Messiah. Everyone was waiting with GREAT expectation for the Savior. How much more anticipation built up because a precious little baby was on his way? I imagine Mary couldn't wait for Jesus to recognize her voice, coo and giggle, smell sweet, feel soft, and snuggle close to her. I don't fully know about wardrobe in those days, but I am sure if something baby size was available, Mary loved looking at it. It is incredible that he was the Savior of the world, capable of stepping straight out of heaven to complete his mission, but he chose to bless a young couple with great joy over the birth of a baby. He fanned the flame of expectation/anticipation by doing so. As I think about little Claire, and how excited I am that she is one her way, I am reminded that I should be beyond just excited for Jesus' birth to be celebrated. He is more than we can ever hope and dream. It's cliche, but we all say that our baby is perfect.  Jesus is no cliche.  He was the perfect baby.

Claire is coming. We are all giddy over this gift. Mamichka has a pink box full of Claire Bear treasures to prove it.  Jesus was coming. I know Mary and several others were giddy over his arrival. Kings brought the finest treasure of gold, frankincense, and myrrh to prove it.

Just stop and think about this. Jesus became a baby. A baby. (I wonder if he had peach fuzz hair?) He was long awaited/expected. 9 months of anticipation culminated in the stable. I cannot wait for Christmas morning to hear the soft sounds of a sleeping baby, smell that familiar baby smell, and wrap my arms around my long awaited Savior.

Claire Bear,
Thank you!

He has come.

Love & Sparkles*